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  • Valakas
    Level: 95
    HP: 26000
    MP: 4500
    AC: -99
    Experience: 9026
    Lawful Points: 10000
    Size: Large
    Type: Normal
    Class: Normal
    Avg Adena Drop: N/A
    Episode 5: N
    Attribute: Fire
    Weakness: Water
    STR: 78
    CON: 20
    DEX: 8
    WIS: 22
    INT: 18
    MR: 99%
    Fire resistance: 0
    Water resistance: 100
    Wind resistance: 10
    Earth resistance: 20
    Aggressive: Y
    Aggressive to SOSC: Y
    Aggressive to COI: Y
    Tameable (via Magic): N
    Can be Ressed: N
    Can be Polied: N
    Tough Skinned: Y
    Tribal: N
    Immune to Poison: Y
    Immune to Slow: Y
    Ranged Attack: Y
    Two Cell Melee Attack: Y
    Area Attack: Y
    Affected by Silver/Mithril/Oriharukon Weapons: No
    Affected by Blessed Weapons: No
    The third of the four elemental dragons in Lineage. Valakas is the Fire Dragon and is located near the Iron Gate Guild.

    The chaos of the fire lands is easy compared to what you'll encounter once you enter into Valakas' Lair. Although the brimstone mist blinds your sight, you'll soon feel Valakas' ferocious bite, impaling claws, elemental strike, and fiery breath.
    Valakas is considered a Boss. Below is some additional information:
    Location: Valakas' Lair, Giran Death Match

    Normal Drops:
    Amulet of Intelligence
    Amulet of Strength
    Crystal Plate Mail
    Plate Mail
    Potion of Bravery
    Potion of Wisdom
    Red Dragon Scales
    Haste Potion or Green Potions
    High Quality Diamond/Quality Diamond
    High Quality Emerald/Quality Emerald
    High Quality Ruby/Quality Ruby
    High Quality Sapphire/Quality Sapphire
    Highest/Top Quality Diamond
    Highest/Top Quality Emerald
    Highest/Top Quality Ruby
    Highest/Top Quality Sapphire
    Scroll of Enchant Armor
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon
    Spellbook: Call Lightning (level 5)
    Spellbook: Create Zombie (level 6)
    Spellbook: Eruption (level 6)
    Spellbook: Freeze / Ice Lance (level 7)
    Spellbook: Haste (level 6)
    Spellbook: Resurrection (level 8)
    Spellbook: Summon Monster (level 7)
    Wand of Polymorph (Maple)
    Spellbook: Vampiric Touch (level 4)
    Spellbook: Enchant Dexterity (level 4)
    Spellbook: Tornado (level 7)
    Wand of Create Monster (Pine)
    Ring of Polymorph Control
    Spellbook: Blizzard (level 8)
    Ring of Teleport Control
    Cloak of Invisibility
    Spellbook: Meteor Strike (level 10)
    Blessed Drops:
    Scroll of Enchant Armor
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon
    Cursed Drops:
    Scroll of Enchant Armor
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon

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